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ECommerce Systems

Ecommerce system enables your customers to make purchases online in a safe and secure environment. You can set your web website as a products catalog which organize by category, so they’re easy for customers to browse and always look their best.

Get notified by email when a new sale comes in or shopping cart acts as a front end of your E-Commerce web site, whenever customer make order and Once the review of the transaction is successful, the customer's credit card or online banking will be debited while your merchant account will be credited.

Ecommerce website that we build includes great features such as inventory management, invoicing, sales reports and coupon codes.

There are a few CMS that you can choose to host your E-shop;
  1. WooCommerce (Recommended)
  2. Prestashop (Recommended)
  3. Opencart (Recommended)
  4. Shopify
  5. Hikashop (Joomla Extension)

Need some tips on how to choose a e-commerce system that suits you best? Contact your Freelance Web Designer today at 019.5557606.
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